Preparation is everything!

If you have guests come from all over the world to stay and eat with you, you need good preparation. And preparation is doing things on time. So Petra went into the woods this week to get the best ingredients for the world-famous mushroom sauce from our chef Andre.

One of the famous plates Beaucoup de BlaBla serves is called Älg pannbiff.

Made of local moose, mushrooms sauce and Lingon


When we say local it's local!

All those lovely ingredients we get from the beautiful nature around us. In the woods, you can find all kinds of products we use in our kitchen. Like the red berries. Don’t ask where the best spot is because here in Sweden your not allowed to tell this to anybody. 

We clean them, cook them with some secret ingredients for you, and voila…

you get a great lingon which goes very well with the moose meat. Combine this with the world-famous mushroom sauce and you know why people come all the way to Beaucoup de BlaBla.

Don’t worry if you missed it this year. We will put it on the menu for next year so you can try it yourself.

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