Internet problems

Good news we like... bad news a little less

When you think you have a lazy sunday to relax, than there is always a surprise. Bad news is also news they say but sometimes… Today it wasn’t a pretty one. Our website was down and after a couple of calls in the early morning we found out that our hosting company was bankrupt. So now what? Just when we are in full preperation for the the upcoming high season with all the Corona problems in front of us, no website. That’s not bad news… very bad news. 

After a couple of hours we found a new hosting party who helped us very quickly and friendly to do at least something today. We are “on air” again but since we can’t come on the server where our site was hosted we have to start all over again. Se please be a little patient. We will work on a daily basis on the new website. Come back now and than to see that we realy are working.

                                                       News 11 may

Update june: We’re back on the road again. We have a new site, it’s not finished yet but we are back. Thank you for all your reactions and patients. We will keep working on the site so come back now and then and we hope to surprise you now and then.

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