Our Arnljot we'll be as new

Arnljot Sunvisson Gelline, died on july 1030, He was a Jämtland Viking. The story goes that he was a very important but outlaw man.

For that time he was a very tall and wlll dressed man who loved good food. For so far a little history. 

Our own Arnljot isn’t that old yet but you can see that he has been through a lot during the years.

Thats why we started a renovation plan for him. Andre made him a new shield with the St. Olavs sign. 

Complete renovation next year

As you can see his shield is ready and can protect him for the time being.

Now we have to clean him up and then in may next year comes a Germany compagny to do the fine renovating.

So Arnjlo can do his job for next years and that is having a close eye on what is going on at the campsite.  

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