Yes, it’s stucampling that’s right. Forget Campling. This is new and even better than everything you know about it.

We made a plan on how to create a place with the luxe and comfort from your own bedroom and a lake view you can only dream of. Including a great fireplace just at your veranda. This because now you can sit outside every season of the year.

For now, we made 1 stucampling place to test it and see what and how we can improve it.

And it's even getting better!

Not only a fire place at your stuga. We are going to extend the livingspace without losing the ‘stuga feeling’. So you can even enjoy more during your stay at Camp VIking. 

Currious of what it will be? Well the best way to see and get this great Stucampling feeling is to book one and experience by your self. But we will put some picture in the future on this site so you can see it with your own eyes how we will make stucampling hot!


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