It's there!

We had plans for it for a quit some time. But as usual there was always something else todo.

But last year, after the summer season, we decided that it had to be done now. So we got to work. We really wanted a reliable and safe booking system on our site. Mainly to make it easy for guests, but also to make our back office a bit more efficient so that we have more time for our guests.

Yesterday was the day, our booking system is fully implemented and operational on our site.


Now everybody who wants to come to Camp Viking can book there own stay in just a couple of simple steps. If you book online your stay is guaranteed. The proces is in a secured envoriment so it’s not only simple and quick but also very safe. 

Please note. It’s brand new so there’s always a possibilty that you ‘walk into a hick-up” We would greatly appreciate it if you would send us an email in those situations with how and where things went wrong. That way we can only make it better. thanks in advance

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