Road signs

to find your way

Since we like it to make it easy for everybody, we decided to tell you where you can find us and how to get there. 

We are going to put out a couple of road signs in the coming months to guide you to Camp Viking. Today we started with the first one.

Like a road sign should be… simple and clear. If you miss it now… well consider to let your eyes checked.

Believe it or not!

On our way back “home” after we hang out the first sign we got stuck in traffic…before the check-in at Camp Viking you better believe it there was a traffic jam…  but no worry’s no road workers busy or worse an accident, luckily a lot of guests came in.

And of course, we like that but since then we are wondering how it could happen that 5 minutes after we finished working on the sign, suddenly it’s was crawled at the reception… that’s not only a road sign that’s also a good sign.

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