Stormy weather

Stormy weather...

It was a beautiful day to eat outside at Beaucoup de BlaBla this saturday. Sunny and calm. But whoever it was, Zeus or Indra, he or she, had other ideas for this evening.

All suddenly there was wind… but that’s no problem since André installed a glass protection screen to make it cozy for our guest to sit outside even if the wind blows from the north.


We are not easily upset

The ducks found there shelter behind the reed and our guest where still enjoying there meals till… it’s started raining. 

Thankfully we have plenty of space inside so no problem at all. Well almost.. the captain of this boat  who was in our “harbour” forgot to cover his boat. He probably thought: “wet outside than inside can’t be a problem”… it will dry up again. And you know what? We like that state of mind, don’t worry to much, enjoy more.

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