About us

Camp Viking originated in 1965 and was called "Gällö Camping" over the years.

Over ons

In the summer of 1985...

… a Viking boat and the Viking village were built here at Camp Viking, a project that was carried out with original faithful tools, and which was very well received by interested spectators and archaeological circles.

Do you dare to visit our Viking association in the Viking village with the Vikings in original clothes, sleeping places, accommodation, tools and Honey Beer “Mjöd”.

Who we are...

Over the years we have traveled extensively with our motorhome in Sweden and Norway and discovered the campsite in 2010 and thought what a nice place….

When we heard that the campsite in Gällö was for sale, we went against family and friends good advice and moved to Sweden.

We moved when we were 45 and 55, bought the campsite in June 2013 and started a major renovation. It is irrelevant to say but Camp Viking is located at the most beautiful lake in Sweden.

For us, it’s paradise here.

About us
Camp Viking

All you need...

is what Camp Viking have managed to combine:

• We combine everything we know about Belgium’s food culture and Belgium Trappist beer with very similar products in Jämtland. We use meat from local farmers, grow our own vegetables and flowers, and also have Jämtland beer. Guests really appreciate the bistro’s homemade food, and of course the Belgian and local beer.

• In addition to the food, there is a great deal for the guests to use in the surroundings. There are bike trails, hiking trails, Pilgrim trail (St. Olavsleden), the ski tunnel, and fantastic fishing water with perch, pike and trout, etc.

Every Easter there is a big ice fishing (pimpling) competition here at the campsite. The atmosphere around the lake is mysterious, magical, and tropical at the same time. You don’t have to do so much to make you feel happy.