Here you can find several PDF-files to download for you. Files with information about our campsite or from things what could be great to do while you are staying at Camp Viking. 

Most information we’ve translated in the 4 most common languages used on the campsite. Some information of other party’s have a multy language in the brochure. 

If you can find the right information or it’s not avaible in your language, please contact us tru or e-mail form or use the e-mail button on the end of this page.We will help you.

Download the Camp Viking info files

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Camp VIking Info Englisch

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Camp Viking Info Swedisch

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Camp Viking Info Nederlands

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Camp Viking info Duits

Deutsche Informationen herunterladen

Campsite plan Camp Viking

Camp site overview


See map below for location

Hannåsen 107 SE 840 50 Gällö Sweden


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+46 72 700 40 03


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