The most northen belgian pub & bistro

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Beaucoup de BlaBla is the most northen belgian pub and bistro, with special beers and excellent (local) food.

Good food Special beers Great music Beaucoup de BlaBla

Beaucoup de BlaBla is a cozy pub / bistro on the edge of Lake Revsund in Gällö.

On the terrace or inside the pub you have a great view over the beautiful Revenslake. Enjoy the sun in the summer outsite or during some colder days  inside and sit at the stove. This location is ideal for receiving tourists who want to taste a wide range of Belgian beers. In addition to our beers, we also serve hot drinks, soft drinks and spirits. We also warmly welcome the local population to enjoying the drinks, you can enjoy delicious food, made from honest, mainly local products, we serve snacks or full dinners. Come by and enjoy a cozy brown pub, where everyone is equal!

Special and seasonal belgium beers
We have always at least 12 different beers in stock
on your way
to the north or south?

Like we said we are the most northen belgian pub and bistro

So no matter where you go, going to the north or to the south, you can’t miss us when you drive the E14, take some time to relax. 

Plan an overnight stay at the Camp Site and enjoy us for a great diner and a refreshing drink. Winter or summer (and everty minute in between) you are welcome. During winter time guests are often eating with us at same table, so no worries that you are not welcome at Beaucoup de BlaBla. We love good times and with guest it’s even better.

Local products

We serve al kind of food and mostly from the neighbourhood, there is some much to find if you look for it. Our vegetables and herbs grown in our own garden. The meat and fish comes from the waters and forests of the area. So when you eat with us you can be sure it’s fresh and clean.

We ensure you that you can taste it. But don’t believe everthing you read on the internet, come over and check it! The good news is. You are always welcome to stay the night!

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Special event?

Something to celebrate? Birthday, wedding, divorce, company party? No matter what just contact us we can sure help you organize it on a orginal unforgetable way. And then you can say like we do “i’ve been in the most northen belgian pub of Sweden” how cool is that!

Pub Andre

Be welcome

During high season the pub is open every day from 5 till 9 pm. The bistro is during this period open on thursdag - sundays from 5 - 9 pm. During off-season we organise sometimes special events, like belgian beer culture nights. When we have a new date set you can find the infromation in our news section. If you want to celebrate something special please call +46 72 700 4003. Good change we can arrange something. Hope the see you soon in Beaucoup de BlaBla.

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