Renovated service house

Service houseYou will find the service house in the middle of Camp Viking. At this building, you can collect your waste separately in different containers. We think it is important to take care of nature and the environment and ask for your help by collecting the waste and glass in the right way.

There are 6 completely renovated, separate shower rooms, one of which is suitable for the disabled and there is a family shower with a nursing area for your baby. The toilet section of the Service House contains 8 separate toilets, 3 self-flushing urinals, several washbasins, and a separate corner for the babies.

In the building, you will also find a fully equipped kitchen, where you can cook, eat, wash dishes, and chat. There is an opportunity for washing dishes on the outside. If you need to wash clothes, you can buy washing coins for 50 SEK at the reception. Right next to the service building where you can empty your dirty water tank and/or refuel drinking water for your Motorhome. Please pay attention to the signs at the service house so that it remains fresh and clean for those after you. A separate place has been made at the back of the campsite for cleaning fish. This is not allowed at the service house.