Stay safe

Stay safe... take is seriously

We are happy to say that you can stay safely at Camp Viking and even better that we can prove it. We already did a lot to protect our guest and staf for the Corona (COVID-19) virus, but now everything is checked and approved.

We didn’t took only all the necessary measures but Petra send herself to an extra course about healty and safety so we can say we did all we could do for keeping us all safe.

At the reception and in the bistro/bar you will find safety glass to protect our staf (and ofcourse yourself) we also reduced the number of seats in and outside the bistro and we put out signs on several places just to remind everybody on what is important


seriously but with a little twist

We take it all very seriously, you can’t be carefull enough but hey we’re Camp Viking and we like to have fun so our sign’s are maybe a little bit different than the regular ones. But we think the message is clear and maybe it’s more an eye-catcher the way we like.

We have a guy who take’s care of the service house. Most of the time a takes his job very seriously. You will find a sign on the wall out side the service house whhen he is on duty. Remember he’s a sweety but watch out. If he sees you he will follow you till you pet him (or feed him that always works).

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