Winter is...

coming but not to soon

Although we love the winter, is not so far yet. The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter at the moment we enjoy the beautiful things mother nature is given to us.

We like to go out hiking, or if we want to go a little further on the quad and see and smell the specific scents of autumn.


Beautiful colors everywhere

One of the things here in north Sweden is that the season changes quicker than in the south. So you have to keep your eyes open and shoot your pictures on time otherwise you have to wait another year.

Lucky for us the main crowd is over, although it’s still going strong on the campsite and especially the restaurant/pub where we almost every weekend welcome a group of people for diner and/or beer tasting or a late holiday weekend. That’s great of course there for we are open all year long. Well, the campsite… if you want to organize a party with a group in our restaurant you have to call or e-mail us to make an appointment. See our contact page

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