Camp viking area

enjoy the great nature

Surrounding pictures from Camp Viking

The surroundings around Camp Viking are known for their wilderness and beauty. It is so spacy here every time you go out you can find something new you didn’t see the last time you were there.You can go by foot or bike to explore the shores of the lakes or go deep into the forest to see if you can find any moose, foxes, bears, wolves, birds, squirrels,

beavers, and many other species. They are there but you have to look for them they are not always in the mood to be photographed. So far (as we know), no one has ever been able to take a selfie with one of the wild animals here, but who knows, you might be the first one. Be careful they are wild animals so you’ve been warned.

During the winter period, you can take your ski’s and follow one of the many cross country tracks to make some nice pictures. Or you can go by snow scooter although the chance that you will see one of the wild beasts is very small. But as long as you are not here enjoy the picture we made or got from other guests,