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News 11 sept stucampling

12 sept. | Stucampling

Discover the superlative of Clamping! We invented Stucampling and introduced it this week...
news 11 sept Arnljot

11 sept. | Arnjlot

He keeps an eye on everything but he gets older to. Our Arnjlot is getting ready for a make over.
News 10 sept mushrooms

10 sept. | Preperation

When you serve the best food you have to prepare it. So Petra went into the woods and came back with...
News souvenirs

9 august | Live at..

Camp Viking in bistro Beaucoup de BlaBla. We ask for it on our bistro page and so it happend...
News stormy wheater

8 august | Stormy...

Are you sitting in the sun enjoying your dinner, suddenly the wind comes...
News road sign

5 august | RoadSign

Road sign can be inmportant if you don't use your GPS. And we like to make it easy for every one...
Stay safe

30 june | Stay Safe

We had a visit last thuesday who told us that is's safe to visit us! No surprise for us but it's good that the goverment does these checks...
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25 june | Yes the bistro

is open again. We started this season on the 25th of june. We had perfect wheater to have a drink and diner outside this first weekend. With a brand new menu, a little less seats but with a good mood we hope to see you all. Check our new menu...
BBQ News at Beaucoup de BlaBla

13 june | BBQ Time

Like they say: 'Work Hard, Play Hard" So time to relaxe and having fun. We had a great BBQ...
News Petra

5 june | Sveriges Radio interview

An interview with Petra for Sveriges Radio took place here on the campsite last friday. As soon as we get the transcription of the interview we will put the audio file here so you can listen to it.
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21 may | New life in our stables

Today we’ve picked up some new born animals for our little farm. Yes now we also have chickens! But now we have a new challenge… coming up with 9 names for, what we think, the new lady’s.

19 may | Corona update

We take care! About your and our health, therefor we follow the official guidelines. You probally know these rules and take care but just as a reminder we put out some signs at public places like the reception and servicehouse. Please pay attention.
News Flash

11 may | That was a fuss

Suddenly it was dark. Well not on the campsite but on our website. Our hosting party was bankrupt...